16 Facts And Secrets From Dermatologists That You Should Know

Dermatology is defined as the branch of medicine that deals with the treatment and diagnosis of skin disorders. The human skin, on average, covers an area of 2 square meters, it accounts for 15 percent of our body weight and on average weighs about 9 pounds (with 11 miles of blood vessels too.) So it is no surprise that dermatologists have to deal with a person’s entire body.

Given this requirement, dermatologists are sure to see and hear a lot of stories.

Here are 16 secrets that dermatologists want you to know and facts that they would never tell you.


1. Surprisingly, dermatologists don’t like taking a ‘quick look’ at weird moles, blemishes or bumps. They say that friends, acquaintances and sometimes even dates have a tendency to show them their ‘weird skin thing.’