This Boyfriend Captures Every Stages Of Canc*r His Girlfriend Went Through Until The End

What a dreadful disease cancer is with the abnormal cell growth that invades and spreads to other parts of the body causing fatal destruction. This disease of tissue growth regulation can be inherited through genetic defect or non-hereditary (sporadic) which is more common. According to the statistics of Cancer Research U.K, there are 14.1 million cases and 8.2 million deaths worldwide due to Cancer up until 2012. How crazy is that?

While we see the subject delicately, we can’t help but talk about the lives that are affected by the disease both living and dead. It is unimaginable to even think about the amount of pain the patient and their family go through in this hard journey they go experience together, to see their loved ones getting weaker day-by-day and finally leaving them forever.

But it is the most important thing for the family members to remain strong and give a dying cancer-patient the love they deserve before they take their last breath. This loving boyfriend did the most amazing thing by capturing his girlfriend’s cancer journey in films through all the stages.

Have a look at their hurtful but beautiful journey that shows love, reality, destiny, time and faith in still photographs.


American photographer Angelo Merendino and his girlfriend Jennifer.

American photographer Angelo Merendino and his girlfriend Jennifer.